Anand Mehrotra


Anand is not only a sublime Master Teacher of the Yogic traditions. He is an artist and a creative volcano of ideas! He has an ever-expanding capacity to enthusiastically conceive new projects and bring them to fruition. He has an eclectic approach to existence and a deep desire to share and realise his vision in many different ways to benefit everyone involved. His creativity and passion for bringing people together, creating opportunities for growth and evolution, has pushed him to birth projects that engage the participation of both local people and worldwide businesses.

The Khushi Foundation is a 100% volunteer-based charity organization in India. It is a grassroots organization whose aim is to provide education, vocational training and medical support to underprivileged children in Rishikesh, India

The Sattava Foundation is an organization providing food and shelter for the homeless in Uttarakhand as well as vocational training to women in rural villages in the Himalayan foothills

Sattva Organic Farm was born in 2010 as part of Sattva’s vision and Anand’s vision to be sustainable. We believe, as our guruji Maharaji told us, that we have to be sustainable. So if we are interested in sustainability, one thing is to be involved in food production, growing our own food.
The village where we established the Sattva Organic Farm is where the ancestors of Anand’s mother were a long time ago, in the mountains near Neelkanth. We have been able to work close with villagers and show them how to farm in a different way, the organic way that was used in the olden times before the commercial methods.

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