Anand Mehrotra: Himalayan Yoga Master

Anand Mehrotra is the youngest known spiritual Master in the world to develop and present the Himalayan yogic tradition in its pure and raw form. He has dedicated his entire life to bringing the original teachings of the Himalayan yogic tradition to the world and does so in a unique and powerful way. His Sattva Yoga teachings come from the Vedic tradition and merge with the pure Tantric roots as taught by the ancient Masters in the far reaches of the Himalayas where he was born and raised.

Anand is originally from Rishikesh, which is recognized as the yoga capital of the world. Rishikesh is one of the most sacred places in India. It calls thousands of pilgrims and spiritual seekers from around India and many countries of the world.

Anand's Teachings

Anand Mehrotra, a polyglot and global citizen, has spent fifteen years traversing continents, imparting transformative teachings. From the United States to South America, he guides seekers, students, and artists to embrace their true essence and vitality. His impactful wisdom transcends borders, attracting diverse learners worldwide. Many journey to the Sattva Retreat, home to the Sattva Yoga Academy, drawn by Anand's vision of Yoga as a path to profound liberation. For him, Yoga isn't merely a practice but a lifestyle fostering continual evolution and self-realization. Anand's teachings beckon those unafraid to explore life's profound questions and embark on a journey to ultimate freedom.

Let your life be an expression of joy, not the pursuit of it.

Anand's Presence

It is very limiting to attempt to explain Anand Mehrotra in words. He is to be experienced. Being in his presence, one can easily feel the field of the bliss in life and connect with the pure field of potentiality that an individual can experience beyond the limited mind. Meeting Anand Mehrotra is meeting life with all that fully means to you. Meeting him will change your life and bring you to be the most authentic version of your true Self in its deepest meaning. Are you ready to meet yourself where you are not, yet where you have been eternally? There also is where you will meet Anand and the practices of Sattva Yoga.

Anand's Initiatives

Anand Mehrotra, a multifaceted Master of Yoga, is a prolific artist and visionary. His boundless creativity drives diverse projects aimed at fostering growth and connection. As the founder of Sattva Organic Farm, Khushi Foundation, and Sattva Collection, he merges conscious entrepreneurship with philanthropy, impacting lives globally. An advocate for holistic wellness, he introduced Yogini Ayurveda, offering conscious jewelry and Ayurvedic products. Anand's visionary ventures include Sattva Yoga, Sattva Yoga Academy, and Sattva Retreat, recognized among the world's top ten retreat destinations. His transformative Sattva Summit gathers yogis annually for a week of profound practices, shaping lives at the serene Sattva Retreat. Explore Anand's transformative vision and conscious creations today.


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In this podcast series, Anand Mehrotra will be speaking about Himalayan Wisdom: A journey into the awakening states of consciousness. Originating from Satsangs, wisdom talks, and live streams, recorded in Rishikesh India, at the sacred foothills of the Shivalik Himalayan mountains.

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Anand Mehrotra is a spiritual master who has combined the original teachings of Himalayan Yoga. Merging the Vedic and Tantric traditions, as taught by the ancient masters, he has dedicated his life to honoring the pure knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayas. Streaming from the Himalayas, Anand Mehrotra and Sattva Music brings the sounds and vibrational chants of the ancient masters to the modern world. Designed for those who desire to go beyond the mind and tune in to what is beyond. Music for evolution, transcendence and expansion.

"The emptier you get, the greater the music" Anand Mehrotra

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Anand Mehrotra is a path-breaking Yog-Vedantic spiritual master from Rishikesh, Himalayas. He teaches globally in the Himalayan Kundalini tradition. He is an author, leads revolutionary pilgrimages into high Himalayas and is a true innovator bringing the ancient teachings to true seekers in most relatable, contemporary format. He teaches from his retreat center Sattva Retreat in Rishikesh.

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