Holistic, integrative, deeply transformative: Experience enlightened living at Sattva Yoga Academy

Sattva Yoga Academy integrates ancient and modern traditions, and the teachings are rooted in the rich Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the Himalayas.

Sattva Yoga Academy

With the key aspects of a practical, systematic science of enlightenment and evolution of consciousness held aloft in the learning arena, the Rishikesh-based Sattva Yoga Academy has devised a learning process that is holistic, integrative, and deeply transformative for all aspects of human existence.

Integrating both ancient and modern traditions, the practice at the core of the teachings is rooted in the rich Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the Himalayas. The Sattva Yoga Academy, has positioned itself the unique destination where students who arrive at its serene locales take yoga well beyond the yoga mat, by infusing all areas and aspects of life so as to experience a radical transformation and learn how to experience enlightened living.

Picturesquely set along the banks of a river, with multiple grounds and yoga halls for students learn the practices in a contained environment dedicated to yoga, the Himalayas form the perfect environs for students who arrive from around the globe to partake of the good life the Academy promises.

Integrating radical and relevant wisdom with meditation, breathwork, techniques, deepening connection and devotion through Laya and Bhakti practices, the healing power of sound, free movement, and Hatha Yoga asanas, the Sattva Teachings are a practical, systematic science of enlightenment and evolution of consciousness.

According to Sattva Yoga Academy’s Spiritual Master Anand Mehrotra, the wisdom imparted to students who arrive here are not limited to any one aspect of Yoga. “Sattva Yoga Academy teaches yoga as an integrated whole that includes all the avenues, all the channels, of the teachings. The Sattva Yoga practice offers students the tools and techniques to address and transform all layers of the human body. A Sattva Yogi learns and masters the practical techniques that align with all the layers of his/her being. Sattva Yoga is a complete path to create an experience of wholeness in the individual and the collective,” Spiritual Master Anand Mehrotra adds.

Born in the lap of the Himalayas, spread around the globe

Developed in the Himalayas, the teachings of the Sattva Yoga Academy are now spread around the world in every continent. Students arriving here learn the yogic philosophy which is woven into all the teachings and offerings with the aim of creating a diverse group of yoga leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Sattva Yoga Academy has trained students from 75 different countries around the world

The Academy imparts knowledge by way of an integrative practice that surpasses standard schools of yogic learning. Every student who finds his destination at the Sattva Yoga Academy is taught the asanas, pranayama, gyana, kriya, bhakti, mantra and jyotish.

The Sattva Yoga Academy has its campus as part of the Sattva Retreat, which is set on the banks of a spring-fed river at the base of the Himalayas. The luxurious campus specifically designed for yoga is free from all pollution, and offers students beautiful private rooms with brilliant views of the river and the mountains. Spacious bathrooms with hot and cold running water round-the-clock, fresh towels and linens are an integral part of the luxury living here. The Academy houses three yoga and meditation halls on campus with big garden spaces designed to be perfect spots to practice and contemplate.

Students arriving here would find the vegetarian fare a welcome addition, as 70 percent of the fruits and vegetables used in the Academy kitchen come from its own organic farms. All meals are included as part of the trainings and retreats.

Other facilities include an on campus full-service Ayurvedic Spa with steam room, services of an on-site professional team of Ayurvedic doctors and therapists, swimming pool that assures no chemical content, and a dedicated travel desk that takes care of all travel arrangements to and from the site for students. Sattva Yoga Academy also offers personal retreats and immersion for the entire holistic yogic approach to health and lifestyle, at the Sattva Retreat.

Sattva Centres have recently opened in global destinations such as Australia, Canary Islands and Italy. More Centres would come up in the near future. As many as 75 countries imparting the wisdom of Yoga, Sattva Yoga Academy is now a global organisation striving to make the world a better place through the teachings based on the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic Tradition.

Sattva Yoga learning hops on to online terrain

Besides the classes imparted at the serene locales of the Academy, which is nestled on the lap of the Himalayas, an online platform that reaches out to students from any remote corner of the world is a unique addition.

Sattva Connect, the online platform of the Sattva Yoga Academy, has carved its own unique niche as the only yoga school in the world to have its own online platform. Classes are streamed live from the Himalayas to any location anywhere in the world. Online courses that teach yoga based on the authentic Vedic tradition are a specialty.

Philanthropy runs in the Sattva soul, and the Khushi Charitable Society stands testimony to the many initiatives aimed at supporting over 450 underprivileged children in Rishikesh. An independent NGO fully funded by donations and sponsorships, Khushi opens the path to a better future for the marginalised children. Covering all their needs from the primary school to university level, Khushi Charitable Society also offers opportunities to find jobs through the vocational centre that imparts skills training to the older students.

The Sattva family is all geared up for the coming together of a global conscious community, where in the experience of yoga, meditation, deep wisdom, inspiring movement and transformative service would be the main themes. Scheduled to get underway from November 7 to 13 this year, the Sattva Summit would get underway at the Sattva Retreat at the foothills of the Himalayas. The Summit would offer a podium for Yogis from across the globe to come together for a week of deep healing, expansion and joy. Apart from the Yoga conclave, the Summit will also open up an opportunity for attendees to explore Rishikesh and its vicinity, go rafting along the Ganga river; bungee jumping and hiking.

The Himalaya Yog-Vendantic Tradition drives Sattva Yoga, and the world has realised its potential. With Spiritual Master Anand Mehrotra at the helm of affairs in teaching yoga to the world, Sattva Yoga Academy is a destination that beckons every individual who aspire to be a part of a growing awakened global community.