100 Most Inspiring Yoga Teachers in India

Yoga is gaining wide acceptance all around the world today. We gladly recognize and introduceIndia as the birth place of Yoga and yoga teachers where the journey started from Lord Shiva as Adiyogi to Adiguru and later yoga spread in India and eventually in the entire world. In the yesteryears and decades many elite personalities contributed or rather dedicated their lives inunearthing the true meaning of yoga as passed on in its most original form, the traditional one.

It takes years of perseverance, strong determination, discipline and practice to evolve as a strongpersona of yoga, adept to train, explore and encourage people across countries and cultures.

It is really an arduous task to find yoga teacher with whom you feel connected and enabled toexplore the inward journey. Therefore on the occasion of International Yoga Day on 21st June2018, we, after a thorough research of past few months have attempted to bring out the 100inspiring teachers among the best teachers in yoga based on their yogic journey, learning andexperience.

A carrier of immense wisdom and vision for spiritual transformation, Anand Mehrotra is amagnificent teacher with his roots in the yoga capital of Rishikesh. He is well acquainted inancient teachings and philosophies related to yoga. Anand has trained many renownedpersonalities from diverse occupations, cultures and regions across the world. Founder of Sattvayoga and Sattva Yoga Academy which offer various accreditation courses, he is a well- knownentrepreneur, social change initiator and an innovative thought leader. Anand teaches Sattvayoga which evolved from Vedanta and tantric traditions. It is a holistic and comprehensive yogathat incorporates modern science and mind body research.