Anand Mehrotra’s creation, Sattva Connect, helps you to elevate your consciousness and transform your life through deep wisdom, and yogic technology

Sattva Connect is an online platform originating in Rishikesh, India, the yoga capital of the world. Its creator, Anand Mehrotra, is the world’s youngest recognised spiritual master to develop and disseminate the Himalayan yogic tradition in its unadulterated, unprocessed state.

Mr. Mehrotra’s life has been devoted to spreading the authentic teachings of the Himalayan yogic heritage throughout the world, which he accomplishes in a special and potent manner. His Sattva Yoga teachings, which he learned from the ancient masters in the remote Himalayas where he was born and raised, weave the tantric technology and the deep Vedic wisdom together in a powerful way.

“Your purpose here is to evolve, to transform, to experience your radical aliveness, to awaken your true nature. You are the path. The path is you. The time is now. ” – Mehrotra

If the subject of evolution interests you, if you want to embark on a journey of self-realization encountering deeper meaning and purpose, if you want to thrive rather than just survive, if you want to drastically alter your life, if you want to find joy, bliss, and happiness, if you want to spread your light throughout the world, and if you want to feel more at ease in your body and mind, then Sattva Connect is for you.

From the convenience of one’s home, Sattva Connect allows direct access to Himalayan Vedic knowledge. One can feel deeply linked to the Sattva practices even when they are not in India, and they can always draw upon the enduring knowledge and integrated practices that Mehrotra and the Sattva master teachers have provided.

Moreover, Sattva Connect serves as a platform where one can access integrated yogic practices, kriya sets, and pranayama, and establish a connection with one’s most authentic self.

Yoga in its purest form is meant to transform one’s life. There is only a one-way ticket to independence and emancipation; there is neither a halfway point nor a way back. Yoga is more than just a routine to this spiritual teacher. It is a way of life, an ongoing transformational experience that allows one to fully embody their actual selves and enjoy unadulterated freedom.

The teachings of this spiritual master are comprehensive, all-inclusive, and unifying. They guide people to connect with the grace of the heart, to learn to master themselves, and experience the wonder of existence. His teachings are highly appropriate for the time in which we live.

Furthermore, these teachings humble you and make you realise that there is so much more to discover and learn. They help you access your true self as you let go of what is no longer useful.

If you are interested in learning directly from the source and studying with Master Anand Mehrotra, Sattva Connect is happy to have you, whether you decide to enroll in one of its numerous courses or become a member.