Spiritual Master Anand Mehrotra is bringing a positive impact to everyone with his val-uable teachings

While Indian tradition rests on the foundation of its beliefs and core values, many people have walked on the path of spirituality of late. After all, spirituality is about bliss and more than the material gains we enjoy daily. With a constant endeavour to bring a positive impact on everyone’s life, spiritual master Anand Mehrotra is inspiring millions of people to find their purpose in life. Born and brought up in a yogic family in Rishikesh on the banks of the holy river Ganga, Anand was exposed to valuable teachings of the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic tradition from an early age.

Having gained knowledge about finding the true purpose of life, Anand Mehrotra, in his early years, spent time exploring the Himalayas. At 21, he started sharing his wisdom, thereby becoming a spiritual guru to people of all age groups from across the globe. Needless to say, Anand has transformed people’s lives with his teachings; and a majority of his life-changing moments are being featured in publications, magazines and documentaries. Among his several attainments, Anand Ji has been a part of The Highest Pass, a spiritual documentary that makes its viewers wonder if truly living is worth dying for! Dedicated to sharing knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayas, the spiritual master’s powerful techniques coupled with ancient practices have brought a positive change in everyone’s life.

He has also initiated Sattva music and the Sattva Himalayan Wisdom podcast, where he shares his understanding of developing self through various stages of life. Recorded at the sacred foothills of the Shivalik Himalayan mountains, Rishikesh, the podcast is a delight for individuals seeking the journey into the awakening states of consciousness.

Anand Mehrotra’s teachings saw him develop Sattva Retreat, Sattva Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy – a one-stop destination for the people to get educated about yoga and its practices. The beliefs of the spiritual leader are appreciated by people from different parts of the world. He also created Sattva Connect, an online source of Sattva Yoga teachings. In the golden words of Anand Mehrotra, “A calm and meditative mind is the first step towards success.” Therefore, he conducts an array of meditation and yoga sessions to give people an insight into knowing themselves better.

Moreover, during his teenage years, Anand Mehrotra founded the Khushi Charitable Society and Sattva Foundation. These NGOs offer great support to local communities in providing education, supplying food, medicines and other essential amenities. Besides emphasizing education, he has been adamant about creating employment opportunities for people to make them economically stable. As a world citizen who is conscious of the environment, Anand Mehrotra is passionate about organic farming which saw him found Sattva Organic Farms. According to him, consuming organic food is the simplest way to live a healthy and prosperous life.

Other than these incredible works, Anand has created Yogini Ayurveda, The Sattva Collection, and Sattva Jyotish Gems that primarily support Indian artisans. The spiritual leader under Sattva Publications has authored three books (Liberation, This is That and That is This) with a fourth one coming soon The Bhagavad Gita. Radiating joy in people’s lives, Anand Mehrotra believes in living a simple lifestyle. As he continues to spread love and maintain harmony, Anand Mehrotra, under Sattva, has built a community, a Sangha, that is consistently helping everyone grow and immerse in the joy of spiritual activities.

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